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Fusing Classes


Dichroic Pendants:

In this 2 hour class you will make three pendants, 1" x 1", using an assortment of fusible glass, including dichroic glass and other embellishments to make it unique to your style.

You will start with a base piece of glass and the add 2 or 3 additional colored layers to get the look you want. These pieces will then be fired in our kiln and ready to be picked up within 2 days.

 Fee: $35 +tax includes all materials

Date:    Thursdays:  6-8pm                                                         Saturdays: 10:30 - 12:30pm

              June 19th                                                                 July 5th

                July 3rd                                                                            July 19th
                August 28th                                                                    August 30th
                September 4th                                                               September 6th
                October 2nd                                                                    October 4th







Glass on Edge Bowls:

Take your fusing skills to the next level and learn how to make fused glass strip bowls. Students will learn how to cut thin strips of glass and fuse them standing on edge. Glass cutting experience is required. These pieces of art also require some cold working which will be discussed in class. You will need to supply approximately 4 square feet of COE 96 fusible glass.

 Fee: $35 +tax includes two kiln firings, sheet copper and/or wire mesh and lunch. You will need tosupply apx. four sq ft. of System 96 glass.

Saturday, Check Back                                                            10:00-3:00                                                  



Introduction to Fusing:

In this class you will learn the basics of fused glass including what fusing is. After seeing samples and learning about some of the different products used in the fusing process, you will choose a project to make from one of the following:  several jewelry pendants, picture frame, 4x6 wall art piece. These will then be fired in our kiln and ready for pickup in 2 days. Bring your glass cutting tools, if you have them, and safety glasses if you don't already wear glasses.

 Fee: $60 +tax includes all materials

Saturdays:  Check Back