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Stained Glass Classes

Taste of Stained Glass:

Want to try your hand at stained glass, but aren’t ready for a 6 week class? Then this is the class for you. This class will take you through an abbreviated version of our 6 week beginning stained glass class. We will take you through all of the steps of stained glass from cutting, foiling and soldering. Each student will leave class with a completed stained glass panel! You will have a few patterns to choose from and all materials will be included.

Fee:  $75 + tax 

Date:  Check back 


Beginning Stained Glass:

You will learn the basics of stained glass in a structured setting, which will give you the foundation necessary to progress. You will learn how to cut glass proficiently, including inside curves, circles, running a score, and grozing. You will then proceed to making your pattern, foiling the glass, soldering your project together and finishing it off with jump rings and patina, if desired.  At the end of the five-week class, you will go home with a finished project and the skills to continue making stained glass panels from beginning to end in your own workshop, or in our continuing class workshops.  While taking this class, you will receive 10% off all tools and supplies purchased.

Fee: $125.00 +tax, which includes $65 worth of tools and supplies. 

Mondays:  Starting May 19th                      6:00-8:30pm (5 weeks)  




Continuing Stained Glass:

In this class you make what you want and we help you where you need it. It's less structured than the beginning stained glass class, and you must know the basics of working with stained glass to participate in this class. This is the perfect setting to increase your skill level and to work in the company of other glass enthusiasts. Project ideas include lamps, boxes, picture frames, steppingstones, and larger flat panels. Let your imagination run wild! Each class is six 2 1/2-hour sessions, unless otherwise noted. The class fee is $40.00, and does not include any tools or supplies.

Fee: Wednesdays, $40 / 6 weeks       Sundays, $10 / Session

Sundays                                                                       12:00-2:30 PM
Wednesdays                                                               10:00 -12:30 PM
Wednesdays                                                                5:30 - 8:00 PM


 Diamond Shaped Hanging Planter:

In this class, you will be making a 14"x10" planter, which is designed to either be a tabletop model or, by adding chain, turning it into a hanging planter that can be displayed in your home or outside in the garden.You will use both diamond bevels and glass cut into diamond shapes.  After cutting the glass using the Morton Portable Glass Shop system and foiling it, you will be ready to solder your planter together. We will then show you how to protect your bevels from scratches while soldering and then the process of assembling the top and bottom halves of your 3D planter. You will finish your planter by soldering chain to it so it can be hung. You will need to pick up your 4 - 6x9 diamond bevels when you pay for the class and then have them foiled prior to class.  You will also need to pick out your glass ahead of time as class time will not allow for that. Bring your glass cutter, breaking pliers, soldering iron, solder, flux, flux brush and Mini Phaser heat controller, if you have one and safety glasses if you don't already wear glasses. 

Fee:  $50 +tax includes 4-6x9 bevels, chain for hanging your planter and lunch.  The glass for the bottom half is NOT included. 

Saturday, Check Back                                             10:00 – 3:00



Wall Art:

This technique was designed to expand the decorating capabilities of stained glass.  It doesn't have to be just for windows or doors anymore. These designs are specifically meant to decorate a wall or table.  In this class you will work with "head glass" (glass that has a rolled edge that is worked into the design). The rolled edge will be left visible and used to set off the panel.  Once the base layers are cut, you will use "found items" to decorate your background.  You can make one using mixed media items-even sticks can be used-or go more traditional with glass rondels, nuggets, wire, jewels, etc.-whatever you can imagine.  You will also learn decorative soldering techniques.  Please bring your glass cutting tools and soldering tools and supplies. 

Fee: $45 +tax, includes border came, hangers and lunch.   

Saturday, Check Back                                     10:00 - 3:00PM

 Absolutely Abstract:   NEW!

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this new class. We will teach you how to incorporate bevels, jewels, nuggets, beads and other objects to create this one of a kind absolutely abstract piece. This is a two part class. Day one will consist of laying out your piece, foiling and tinning all of your objects. (Tinning all of your pieces will need to be done prior to the next class date, so some homework may be involved). Day two will be actually putting it all together. The class fee includes the zinc came, wire, and a swivel hook. Students will need to supply, solder, foil, and all objects used in your piece. A 15% discount will be given on any bevels and jewels purchase for the class. Previous stained glass experience is required.

Fee:  $48 + tax (lunch included)

Saturday, Check Back                                                                                                  10:00 – 3:00

 Dragonfly Spinner:   NEW!

Spring is on its way and it’s time to add a little sparkle to your yard. What better than this stained glass dragonfly spinner. Hang it from an awning, tree or a sheppard’s hook. This piece is sure to sparkle in the sunlight. The class fee includes a metal ring for the frame, a swivel hook, wire and tooling foil. Students will need to supply foil, solder, and all glass for their project. Previous stained glass experience is required.

Fee:  $38 + tax (lunch included)

Saturday, Check Back                                                                                                  10:00 – 3:00


 Memory Pendants:   NEW!

Learn how to capture your memories in glass! We will teach you how to make soldered memory pendants using extra this glass, foil and solder. The things that can be layered between the glass is limitless. Photos, stickers, music lyrics, pressed flowers, etc. Just keep in mind that these pieces are pendant size and the material going between the glass needs to be flat. Each student will get to make 3 to 4 pendants depending on the pace of which you work. All materials included. Just bring some items to put between the glass.

 Fee:  $45 + tax

Saturday, Check Back                                                                                     12:30 – 2:30