We find ourselves at another edition of our fabulous, informative newsletter!

April is Art Glass Month.  So to help everyone celebrate it along with us we are having a SALE-----

On April 8th and 9th, all sheet glass will be 20% off!  Also our sale within a sale is on our amber scrap glass, buy 5 or more and get 30% off while supplies last.     This is a great time to get your glass for a current project or future ones, so stop in and take a look!

Also, be sure to complete this quarter’s WORD FIND and bring it into the store before April 30th, 2016, for a chance to win a Glass Quarterly magazine and a $10 Gift Certificate to The Glass Garden! 

--Judy Shumway, Owner


Paper Towels--It was actually a factory production error in 1907 that resulted in America's packaged, tear-off towels.  By that year, the Scott brothers' paper company was a huge success.  Their high-quality soft bathroom tissue arrived from a large paper mill in a so-called parent roll, which were then cut down to convenient bathroom-size packages.  One order from the mill proved to be defective.  The parent roll was excessively heavy and wrinkled.  Unfit for bathroom tissues, the product was scheduled to be returned when a member of the Scott family suggested perforating  the thick paper into small towel-size sheets.  The product, he suggested, could be advertised as disposable "paper towels".

America's first commercially packaged paper towel was named Sani-Towel in 1907 and it sold primarily to hotels, restaurants, and railroad stations for use in public washrooms.  There was a simple, economic resistance to paper towels on the part of home owners.  Why pay for a towel that was used once and discarded, when a cloth towel could be washed and reused indefinitely?  But as the price of paper towels gradually decreased, home owners found them more readily disposable and in 1931 the brand Sani-Towel and was renamed Scott Towels; a roll of two hundred sheets sold for a quarter.  Whereas toilet tissuebecame a necessity of the bathroom, paper towels would become a great convenience in almost every room in the house.

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